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Time for you to upgrade

Moving to django 1.8 and postgres from 1.6.4 and mysql on web faction

First and foremost I know it looks like crap on mobile, I was shooting for an iterative upgrade, responsive css will be later this week.


Environment setup was pretty simple, I do everything in virtual environments so I can use the python version I want and install site-packages. I set up a VM on my computer with CentOS 6 to mimic the production environment as best I could to make deployments smooth.

  • Set up a WSGI/Python3 app in the web faction control panel
  • cd webapps/rev
  • virtualenv .
  • source bin/activate
  • pip install django
  • django-admin startproject rev
  • vi apache2/conf/httpd.conf
    this is the only part that involves much effort, and it's just adding the paths to the webapp and site-packages to WSGIPythonPath and a script alias to the file.
  • deploy my files to the rev project folder, static files to a static app in the webfaction admin that maps to [url]/static
  • . apache2/bin/restart

Modifying django

Most of my custom code is fairly straightforward, all variations on a blog format really. Blog, Projects, Reviews, and the much simpler Quotes, I didn’t have to change anything for the code to work as I'd moved to class-based views during my last upgrade. I will probably do some refactoring to take advantage of the updated Model ._meta API and maybe play with Jinja2 now that the heavy lifting of the upgrade is done. I will probably ...

Time keeps on ticking

I spent over a decade as a federal IT contractor, and another decade in various companies before that. I estimate that the amount of time wasted on meetings is in the range of 22-30 thousand hours, or around 45-55% of my career. It is a major reason that I hated working in an office, the time wasted. We each have but a finite amount of time in this life and if I must spend some of that time at work I'd rather it be useful time spent, rather than just watch it pointlessly drift away. The tedium was oppressive. Half day and full day meetings, sometimes several hour meetings where each person only has 5-10 minutes relevant to them. It was deeply depressing and demoralizing. Fortunately I'm now in a job where that doesn't happen. There are meetings, but they are small and productive and don't run longer than necessary. I now spend less than 10% of my time in meetings. That seems a reasonable level.

The time I spend with my kids, my love, my friends, my family, I cherish each and every moment. Not only because I might never see them again, but because even if I live to 105 there is not enough time, there is never enough time. I hate wasting it. As Henry Rollins noted "When you waste my time, you are KILLING ME! Just a tiny bit, but you are killing me."

Let go of the little distractionsHold close to the ones that you ...

It's easy to breath only air where life should be

I’ve always been an avid reader. I got teased a lot in school for reading so much, and frequently got in trouble in class for reading instead of paying attention. I devoured all that I could with little concern for the appropriateness of the content, spy novels and Mack Bolan and the more adult targeted sci-fi all had plenty in them that weren’t perhaps intended for 12 year olds though that didn’t even slow me down. I was begrudgingly granted access beyond the kids section at our local branch library before I hit fifth grade and with equal aplomb I picked and chose from the variety of books my elder siblings had (mostly sci-fi, though I was not averse to reading texts on Elements of Logic or college history books in my mid teens). My grandfather ensured that I had a solid grounding in The Classics by assigning me things like Last of the Mohicans along with turn of the century juveniles like The Dare Boys as well as works by Wodehouse, Bierce, Benchley, et al.

My grandfathers' house was the greatest place on earth in my eyes. Every room overflowed with books. Shelves above doorways, stacks in front of stacks, several whole rooms of library style shelving all mostly organized. Many of the books were quite old simply because he’d been collecting books for so long, he subscribed to various book clubs as his interest wasn’t in the financial worth of the books ...

Don't Believe the Hype

Aereo has been shut down by the Supreme Court. Shady tech bros want to get rich by avoiding paying the licensing fees and following the regulations that everyone else does. I'm supposed to feel bad for them? When they're dumb enough to learn nothing at all from Napster? I'm no fan of the media hegemony, but Aereo wasn't "striking a blow for freedom" or any such nonsense. It was a bunch of dudes trying to get rich. And now they're trying to get public sympathy on their side by claiming to be fighting for freedom blah blah blah. They are not somehow morally superior to the tv stations and producers that they were trying to profit off of. Don't fall for their marketing hype.

Don't Give Me No Lines and Keep Your Hands to Yourself

I am dismayed at the repeated sleazy violations of my friends and associates that happens at events. Attendees can be a problem, they creep on performers, they don’t respect boundaries, they assume that because a woman exists that they can objectify and harass them with impunity. This is depressing and infuriating.

I have a whole separate level of disdain and enmity for men who are to any degree a part of the performance community who engage in such behavior. These are your friends, supposedly. And yet you are glad to sexually harass them, to create excuses to get into the dressing room to see them changing clothes, to grope them against their will despite repeatedly being asked not to. It is appalling. You should be ashamed of yourself. I have had numerous performers complain to me about individuals that everyone in the community knows. And the performers quietly warn each other about the worst of them. I personally am a big fan of publicly naming and shaming predators, but I am not willing to violate the requests of confidence under which I’ve been told these things. If you think I might be referring to you in this, take that as indicator that you need to seriously reevaluate your behavior.

This is exacerbated by women who are very particular about which women they are willing to support and defend when they are subject to harassment. I’ve heard of lot of slut shaming of women in the community that boils down ...

My father still reads the dictionary every day. He says your life depends on your power to master words.
- Arthur Scargill


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